Shocking! Nakeeyat Advice the young ones

The 9years poet who was crowned the winner of TV3 Talented Kidz, 2019. This beautiful little girl has performed on so many platforms over the period.

In recent times she celebrated her 9th birthday. Furthermore, she was awarded as a young peace Ambassador. Already is an Ambassador for Sanitation.

Nakeeyat Dramani was granted an interview on Tv3 showbiz 360 by Kelm where she encouraged young ones to learn how to cook aside their books and she demonstrated how to cook her favorite Jollof rice, how she does not like onions and too much oil in her Jollof rice.

After demonstrating her act of cooking she performed a beautiful amazing poet about salve Trade. She was such extraordinary. Keep it up girl, thanks for reading. See you again

By Queenie Diva

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