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Health, Hygiene and Safety at Salon

The salon must offer the same high standard of hygiene, safety and comfort throughout the working day. This is to ensure that all clients receive the same quality of service, whatever the time of their appoint. At all times, the salon must:
√ clean and tidy
√ maintained at a reasonable temperature √ well ventilated
√ well lit

Maintaining a clean and tidy salon
If careful thought has gone in to designing the salon,all work surfaces,wall and floor covering,furniture and fittings will have been chosen to not only look attractive,but also to be fit for purpose and easy to clean. This is particularly important for items which will be coming in to direct contact with clients or with materials and equipment which will be used during treatments.

Couches,stool and workshops should be wiped over regularly with a mild liquid detergent which cleans,plastics and metal and can also be used effectively for cleaning other surfaces such as couches,stool and worktop should be wiped over regularly with a mils liquid detergent which cleans and disinfects. Most product of effective for cleaning other surfaces such as countertops,sinks,workstations,footbath,tanning beds and telephones.
What you must do:
√ make sure you know the salon’s cleaning police and follow
√ know which cleaning methods are used in your salon and for what purposed
√ practise quick but effective tidying and cleaning routines in between clients
√ understand the special care which much be taken when using different types of cleaning products.

Dealing with waste

Waste should be dealt with promptly. It should not be allowed to build up on trolleys and work surfaces.
What you must do:

√ Dispose of waste in a covered bin
√ remove salon waste daily
√ place contaminated needles in a yellow ‘sharp’ container:when full, this should be taken to a local disposal
√ clear away and dispose of broken glass carefully after an accident.

Water supply
The salon needs a constant supply of clean hot and cold water. problems with plumbing and drains may mean that treatments have to be delayed or even cancelled. This can cause financial loss to the business.

Heating and ventilation
There should be enough ventilation keep the air fresh and to prevent the build up of fumes. Extract fans and open windows help to remove pungent smell for example those produced by solvent base manicure preparations and nail technology products. A full air conditioning system is ideal for keeping the salon comfortable and fresh. This method recirculate aire and replaces it with clean, fresh air hearted to the correct temperature. It also helps to control humidity levels where is water vapour being produced, for example by a steam bath or shower.


Natural daylight is the best sort of light and has the advantage of showing up ‘true’ colours. Artificial lighting often distorts colours. Warm white fluorescent tubes are nearly as good as daylight for colour matching. The special lighting needed for closed work is provided by a magnifying angle poise lamp containing a circular fluorescent tube.

Lifting and handling
Serious injuries can result from lifting ,carrying and moving loads. You must be able to identify ‘safe’ weights for lifting and know how to adapt your posture to avoid straining your back. This is particularly important when moving equipment , assisting clients on and off the beauty couch and when dealing with stock.

Electric shock
If a fault develops in an electrical appliance, the outer casing may become live. This may cause anyone using or touching the appliance to received an electric shock. A fire can occur as the result of poor electrical maintenance and faulty damaged flexes.

First aid
Disposable gloves should be worn when dealing with cuts or open wounds and when getting rid of materials which have been contaminated with blood. Gloves gives protection from STDs.

Sterilisation is the complete destruction of bacteria and their spores. It is very difficult to maintain sterile conditions. Once sterilised items have been cleaned , sterilised and stored hygienically are safe to used on the client.
Security in the salon relies to a large extent on the day to day vigilance of staff. Stay alert and notice what is going on around you!

By Queenie Diva

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