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Good Skin Care

There was a time when salon facials were considered to be luxury treatments,enjoyed by wealthy women with a lot of time on their hands. This idea is now very out of date. Regular facials have become an important part of their routine and life style for many people. They Know that the salon provides a complete service of professional treatments and retail products backed up with support and advice about all aspects of skin care. This is reflected in the way that beauty salons now offer their services. They have become more ‘accessible’.

A beautiful skin is a healthy skin. Good skin care, practiced routinely, helps to keep the skin healthy by:
* keeping the outer surface clean,Soft and pliable
* maintaining adequate moisture levels
* ensuring a healthy blood supply to living cells and tissues
* helping the skin to resist infection and infestation
* providing protect from external damage.

The main aim of skin care is to create or maintain a balanced skin. A balanced skin is a health skin.

By Queenie Diva

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