Congratulations Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim is an Actor, Host ,producer,Author and, Entrepreneur. The popular actress was born March 3, 1985. She is a Lebanese and Liberia, born of parents Hussein and Sarah.

A part from her acting skills and the thoughtful nature, Juliet is sort of heard compassionate fellow, she has a foundation by name Juliet Ibrahim’s Foundation. Helping the needy is her passion and through that she enlisted other interest group to touch the lives of unfortunate and vulnerable people in Ghana.

Pursuing all this ambitions she is still retain herself to anticipate acquired education so she enrolled at the Ghana institute of Languages , where she major in English, French and Spanish.

Juliet is now part of the people in Africa who are making surges in fashion and, her generations.

Her personality and warmed sense are taking to the world as a godless.

Juliet Ibrahim is one of the Celebrity in Ghana who has been flaying on the social media as she has 6 million followers, posts 1,514 pictures and, 782 following on Instagram. She is now crown as a Instagram 3r Queen in Ghana with 6 million followers.

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